What is VPN? Why should use VPN

Friends, do you also want to know what is VPN? And how does VPN (Virtual Private Network) work and why is jata used, then this post can be very helpful for you because in this post you can get answers to all kinds of queries related to your vpn as we know it. That in today’s modern era there are many ways of running the internet in the increasing period of internet, out of which the person who does the job, does his work in the same way but there are many things which we can do while staying in the internet We can do it as if we have to open a website but if that website is a BAN in our country, then we cannot open that website, there are many similar things which we cannot do without VPN, so let’s expand Do you know what VPN is? And how and what work is it done.

What is a VPN?

Friends, first of all we know what is vpn? The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. This is a type of network used to secure private networks and wifi. It is a very good technic that lets you transfer your personal data from a hacker to anywhere. You can use the VPN or Virtual Private Network service, which is mostly used by online working traders, organizations, government agencies and the like. So that it can protect its data from hackers and their documents should be private because Virtual Private Network secures all types of data, using VPN can be secured using both computer and mobile data. Not only can you transfer data anywhere without being hacked, but any block can also open the website.

Why is VPN used?

Friends, you must have known what vpn is? As we know that the work of VPN is to secure our data on the Internet, apart from VPN we can also visit any blocked website, now we talk about how VPN works.

As we all know that whenever we use the internet in our smartphones or computers, our primary id is our IP. The full name of the IP is an Internet protocol. By this IP address we can track any hacker very easily. And together we can get all kinds of personal information due to which we can be hacked at any time and when we use the VPN key, our IP address changes and in addition, we got blocked in our country. website Open to find and when you connect to a VPN for your device here is connected to a special network that lets you send Securely your data anywhere and can open at any Block website.

When our device is connected to VPN and we open a blocked website, VPN sends a user request to the blocked website and all the data of the website is shown on your device when your device sends the request for access to the website’s server. If there is another IP address, Tunneling sends the information of the device, which changes the country of the website and shows all the data in your device.

Friends, for example, if accessing a website is not allowed in India or it is completely banned in India, then the website could be accessed only by using a VPN because that website has been banned from being open in India. For this reason, using a VPN, we can also access that blocked website by connecting to the network of other countries using our network of devices.

How is VPN used?

Guys if you know what vpn is? So now let’s talk about how VPN is used, it is very easy to use VPN, but there are two ways to use it, through which you can do it very easily in your phone or computer, for this you can do the following steps can follow

 1- By Apps

You can use vpn in your computer or smartphone by installing the application very easily, for this there are many free and paid application available which can be installed and used very easily.

2- VPN Profile Options

Friends, you have the option of a VPN profile to see in the setting of your smartphone or in the network setting of the control panel of the computer, in which you have to add your VPN profile, after which you can connect it and use it very easily. In this profile, you have to fill the following option. like

  1. Networks Name
  2. Type requires PPTP and Id in the following server address
  3. User Name and Password have to be filled

After filling all this information you have to save and when you want to use it, you can connect and use it from here.

Note :

If you give online banking or any kind of lane or you want to keep your data absolutely secure, then you should use the Paid VPN network only because it is 100% secure compared to free VPN.

Friends, we hope you have got the information that what is VPN? And why should you use a VPN, then if you have any kind of question or suggestion, then you can comment.

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