Google Reverse Image Search For Android & iPhone

So far, to get any information about some phrase, keyword, or any text string search on Google, but today we will get information about reverse image search and know how to do a reverse image search on Google? If you do a smart Google search, then you should know about it, that reverse image search should come, and if it does not, we will tell you about the advance free reverse image search technique.

By the way, Google, Android, or iPhone image reverse image search tricks are not so popular, and on the web, people do more text search, and it is also more comfortable. But if you have such a photo that you do not know about, then with the help of the Google image search engine, you can find complete details about that photo.

There are many ways on the Internet through which you can find information relevant to you from Google, Bing, or any other search engines. But we all know that Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and searches are more than trillions, but perhaps you have the best image search technique.

What is Google Reverse Image Search?

If you search on the Internet, mostly we search through keywords, the phrase as if you have to explore ‘what is Google’, then we type in Hindi, Highlish, and English.

But there is more through an Internet search, and one of them is Reverse image search, that is, if you know a name, then you can imagine it. In the same way, if you have an image, and you want information about someone through that image, or you can search that image on Google. This technique is called a reverse image search.

Example – If you know the name of Siddharth Shukla, then you can find his name by searching his name on Google. But if you have their image but you do not know about it.

So you can search on Google through Image, and you will get information about Siddharth Shukla,

reverse image search

In this reverse image, you can see that we did not type anything on Google, just uploaded the image, and we have Siddharth Shukla, who is the most famous contestant of Bigg Boss 13. Information about them was found, and related searches started appearing on the hunt; similarly, if you have an image of anyone, then you can get information or related website about that image.

If you want to do a reverse image search on Google in a similar way, then let’s see with full information.

How to do a Reverse Image Search on Google?

You do not need any specific software or mobile application to do a Google reverse image search. You can do a free image search by looking at the same method on both desktop or mobile (Android and iOS). Because I have seen many people search reverse image search iPhone or reverse image search android.

You should not have this confusion, you can reverse image search on any device, and it has been told here in a simple way, which will be helpful for you.

STEP 1. Suppose you have an image, and you want informational information related to that image like news, update, social media profile, or something else. You open this URL on a mobile web browser or desktop browser.

STEP 2. Now Google’s main dashboard will open in front of you, and you click on the camera icon. From here, your reverse image search begins.

click on camera icon

STEP 3. Now from here, you can search the image in two ways; if you have the URL of the image, then you can also do it through it. But the best is to upload and search by uploading the image, and for this, the image should be saved in your device beforehand, then you can save it by clicking on the upload button.

upload URL or image

STEP 4. As soon as you upload the image and click on the search button, you will get all the information related to that image on Google, and you can also get all the information related to the image, such as image size, alt tag, and informational You will get information.

image search result

This is Google reverse image search technique, and it is done on many search engines, and many websites on the Internet offer such searches. There are many applications on mobile that you can download.

In the same way, image search is done on the Bing search engine ,and you can reverse image search by uploading the image from URLs and local ,devices and here you will get sufficient information and Bing like Google is a better search. Is the engine.

bing reverse image search

Friends do Google reverse image search online, and you can get many benefits and many information that you can only get from the image if you get information related to it, which you do not know about. Here I have told you the easiest way how you can do reverse image searches on Android, iPhone and Desktop very easily and if you have any suggestion, then you should definitely comment.

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